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Human is Enough

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Having a lot of thoughts about our Humanity these past few weeks, especially as Eclipse season is approaching (I literally accidentally wrote apocalypse season and had to go back and rewrite it haha).

Asking the questions:

What is no longer working? A system? An old belief? A pattern I've been in?

Perfectionism, and perfectionistic thinking is not working for us as a culture.

And it's a religious idea that is embedded in so much of our thinking.

Perfectionism is something that is quite incompatible with being human. If you perceive yourself to have attained it, all you've done is put blinders on. If you only see your own mistakes, you have also put blinders on. Either way, we are not seeing clearly.

And let's be honest, no one can see Perfectly clear because, biases, ego, blinders and humanity.


There's something beautiful about realizing that we were never meant to be perfect, that it's not the goal.

You being human and trusting that is enough, trusting that your best is enough, loving yourself and others as enough as we are is the goal.

So who benefits when we are trying to be perfect?

In my experience it keeps us in our patterns, it keeps us racing, and the race is addictive, but as I always say if you want it to be different you have to actually do something differently.

You have to get off the damn hamster wheel.

In many ways it's easier to keep running because it feels "productive" and like we are doing something.

But you weren't meant to strive for perfection.

You were only ever meant to be human, and that was always enough.

Somewhere along the line we adopted the lie that we would only be good enough if we were not human,

if we somehow rose above being human,

but that’s fucking bullshit.

We came here to be human, which includes the struggle of evolving, of becoming, of healing and growing beyond what we were handed.

This is a reclamation of our human-ness.

In the mess we are deserving, in our neediness we are worthy, in our mistakes we are full on good enough, because you came here to be you.

Something that has been a comfort to me over the past several years is this:

You cannot take the wrong path, the path is created under your feet, love. You make the fucking road, and you weren’t meant to be perfect, so you cannot miss what’s meant for you.

You don't have to walk alone however.

Let’s walk this together, come reclaim a healthy relationship with your humanity in my 1:1 Self Relationship Coaching.

Happy Friday Loves,

I hope you feel the weight of your mattering this weekend. Your presence is felt.




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