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Feeling stuck or burnt out in your current job?

It’s time to stop spending your time and energy where it isn't valued…..and finally move toward the deeply satisfying career that’s meant for you.


1:1 career coaching that centers your preferences, clarifies your decisions, and gives you the confidence to go after a life you’re proud to wake up to each day.
Sound like the support you need?


You want to feel good about the work you do.
But right now, you mostly feel “stuck” at a desk.

The thing is…

You have some amazing skills… 
You’ve worked super hard to get where you are…
And you’ve always wanted to make a real impact in the world…

…but it’s been harder to carve out a career that aligns with your passions and strengths than you expected.

The thing is…

You were probably never given the space to figure out the work… that works best for YOU.

You were expected to jump into the working world and fit a mold…

Fuel systems like patriarchy and capitalism…

And push through your unique challenges in the workplace…


So it makes sense if today, you find yourself:


  • Questioning your career

  • Doubting your abilities

  • Feeling lost or uncertain about what’s next for you.




The system isn't always designed to recognize your unique strengths and contributions.

What if you had the support you need 
to find a career that feels like home to you?

After 3 years coaching 30 clients into better, more confident and aligned career decisions, I’ve discovered that what you need to:

  • Empower your next career moves…

  • Discover your true strengths…

  • And move towards a fulfilling career and a life well-lived.

It's really about the relationship you have to yourself.


Through my coaching I support you to see yourself differently, to value yourself and to accept wholly who you are and this creates a newly empowered YOU who knows what you want and feels confident going after it.

Feel like this would support you in your career?

Hell yeah it will.


Career Coaching with Christina


Six 1:1 personalized career coaching sessions to help you get unstuck in your career, explore options you may not see yet, and feel empowered to go after the life you want. 

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Career Coaching With Christina

What I Offer:


I provide 6 tailored 1:1 career coaching sessions that are all about you.


In these 1-hour sessions, we dive deep into your career background, personal history, and your unique assets. Here's what I bring to the table:


Get an outside eye on your career situation: With friends and family weighing in, it can be hard to get a judgment-free outside perspective on your career options. In our sessions together, I’ll listen to your story, your goals, and your dreams, helping you see the decisions that align best with the life you want.

Discover your unique gifts and strengths: Through a personalized assessment process, we’ll map out the gifts, skills, assets, and personal values that’d go into your ideal work setting. And explore unexpected possibilities for bringing that vision to life.

Positive Reflection: See your qualities in a new and empowering light, and recognize your strengths and abilities.


Compassionate Listening: Your struggles and experiences are important. You will be met with empathy and compassion, creating a safe space for you to open up.


Validation: Your experiences are valid, and I make sure you know it. This validation is the foundation for your growth.


Motivational Conversations: You feel motivated and inspired, helping you stay focused and energized on your career path.


Feel calmer navigating career changes:  Bring personalized mindfulness techniques into your current career situation. So you feel more confident, self-aware, and at ease. Even through big projects, application processes, or career transitions. 

Tree Roots

 "I am using my voice in ways that I never thought I could. I was always nervous and scared and kept a lot of my emotions inside. I felt that coaching allowed me to realize that was something I was doing and create the steps to help change that in my life. 
I'm more confident now, I speak out more. I advocate for myself and I take steps towards changing situations if they don’t feel right for me. I was able to take ownership of my actions and dreams and actively work towards them."

- Samira Ali, Medical Student, Artist, Poet

How I Care for You
before, during and after.

Clients say my career coaching is incredibly supportive 
if you nee
d help…

  • Making a big change in your career - You feel like you have a random batch of skillsets and aren't sure what you can/want to do.


  • Setting boundaries in your current role - You are over worked and under appreciated but you love what you do. How do you set boundaries and progress?


  • Figuring out what you want to do for work - Your whole life you've been factoring in everyone's opinions and advice since you can remember, but how do you know what you want?


  • Making grad school decisions - You are at a pivotal point in your studies where you have to choose an area of study and this will affect everything that comes after. How do you decide?


The “Career Gifts” Guarantee

I understand that you may have tried several paths to navigate your career challenges in the past, without landing on the solutions that worked best for you.  

So here’s my promise to you. When you sign up for the Career Coaching series on this page, you’ll:


  • Get my full attention as you share your story, your goals, and the places you need support.

  • Feel 100% validated as we uncover the reasons behind your career challenges, and get you going in a better direction.


  • Receive tools and guidance tailored to you so you feel confident making career moves that are aligned with the life you want.

    My personal success as a coach relies on the incredible accomplishments, decisions, and steps I’ve helped my clients take in their work and personal lives.

    So you have my word that you will receive the most supportive, personalized coaching experience I have to offer, to facilitate the next best steps for you.

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What My Clients Say


"When we first started working together I was at a job I hated. I was feeling out of alignment with myself, my career, and my romantic life.
Throughout our coaching series together I gained self-awareness and confidence which moved my romantic life into a space of trusting in myself and this affected my acting career as well! I quit the job I hated and am pursuing what I love. I realized only I know what I need, and I trust myself to know what that is."

- Chrissy Watkins, Actor


"Through our sessions together, I developed new ways of looking at my struggles, using my voice, listening to my body, and trusting myself. From day one, they offered patience, empathy, and a safe space to show up and share my experiences as a queer, neurodivergent woman. 

- Brandy Wells, Copywriter

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“I've felt in my body the ability to listen without judgment or future-tripping myself. 
Getting into and trusting my body moment-by-moment has helped create an embodied life for me, not just embodied moments. That’s helped me show up how I want to with chosen family, friends, and myself. 

— Vi Lederman, Dietician


“I'm less shy, I'm much more likely to stand up when someone is saying something unkind about someone else.
She's helped me understand my triggers and in turn I am more comfortable speaking up.  I have found my voice. “

— Angela Gable, Poet, Author


“I was feeling stuck in burnout at my desk job… but after working with Christina My confidence in myself grew and my trust in myself to face challenges and the unknown… I was reminded that my worth is not tied to my productivity or job title. My happiness and how I measure success is most important. The way you helped me set measurable goals was most helpful. That was something I had struggled with before as a neurodivergent person.” - ​

- Emily Weiss, Small Business Owner

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No matter what your next step is...

You deserve to feel appreciated for what you bring to this world.

I want you to have a deeply satisfying career where you feel valued.


That's why I have devoted so much to making this series supportive for YOU. 

Because not only do you deserve this, but there are people who need what you specifically have to offer. Hearts you can touch, lives you can change, when you are truly thriving in a career where you get to shine.

And I'm here to support you in a however I can.



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