Reconnect to Yourself

Are you ready for the next step?

You've deconstructed, done the work and are asking, "now what?"

Who do I want to be? What is my purpose? How can I live the freedom I have gained?

It's time to build a life that works for you.

Through religion we are often cut off from our natural instincts and guides: Our bodies.

We are told by other people, society, and religious institutions exactly how they want us to live, to feel, to think. What we “should” be doing. The problem is that it isn't sustainable. That type of living can keep us feeling out of alignment, and keep us from going after what we really deeply want in life. 

It keeps us disconnected from ourselves.

It keeps us trying to live someone else's life instead of embracing our own inner wisdom and guidance.

Are you ready to move into taking the next step and dive into discovering what you personally value and believe? To hear your own wisdom and trust yourself with confidence?

If you are ready to build a purposeful, intuitive, and embodied life that feels in alignment with who you are, you have come to the right place! 




My work is to help you go from people pleaser to standing in your power.

  • From doing what you “should” to doing what inspires you and lights you up.

  • From living external roles and values, to living the values you have uniquely inside of you.

  • From “meek” and “submissive” to Ownership and Confidence in your own life.

It is possible to go from Disconnection to yourself, to living by your own innate code for your life.

My twelve week coaching series was designed for this purpose.

Together we set goals and work to move you into a life that feels in alignment with who you truly are, outside of religious systems. Giving you the confidence you need to pursue what you desire through deep self knowledge.

Your body knows what is best for you. 

Are you ready to:

  • Feel Liberated and powerful?

  • Know yourself deeply in every way?

  • Have direction and know what you want?

  • Embrace your full humanity?

  • Be confident in who you are outside of religion?

You're in the right place, Love.

Welcome to rebuilding.


My experience with Christina was Thoughtful, eye opening and cleansing. 
When we first started working together I was at a job I hated. I was feeling out of alignment with myself, my career, and my romantic life.
Throughout our coaching series together I gained self-awareness and confidence which moved my romantic life into a space of trusting in myself and this affected my acting career as well! I quit the job I hated and am pursuing what I love. I realized only I know what I need, and I trust myself to know what that is.

Chrissie Watkins

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My Process

I'd be honored to support you in becoming more aligned with who you are at your core, and guiding you every step of the way! Here's a closer look of how The Rebuilding Series coaching works:

How to inquire

  1. Click here to schedule a free Discovery call.

  2. Once you schedule you will see a link to fill out my questionnaire.

Why a questionnaire? The purpose of this is to help give me an idea of what you are wanting from coaching, and to help guide the first sessions of our coaching journey together. I ask that you be as honest and vulnerable as possible in this so that I can help you in the best way possible.

If we both feel like we're a good fit, here's how the program will look.

Program Details

  • 12 weeks minimum

  • 2x 1-hour monthly Zoom meetings to help shift thought patterns and grow your relationship with your intuition so you can step into your confidence​

  • One week of Text coaching via Signal App to really dig in and support you to trust yourself and shift old stories.

  • Email access to me for outside support anytime, with a 48-hour response time.

  • Worksheets to help you uplevel in between coaching sessions.

Our first session is when we'll set the stage for our work together and really get into what you are desiring for yourself. We'll set 1-2 desires up as your focus for our time together over the course of our 12 weeks. These may include things like creating space in your life for yourself, developing intuition, discovering personal values, and life purpose—but there are so many other areas we can work on together, as well!


What my Clients have to say


Christina is passionate about helping people be their most authentic selves, guiding them to their own inner wisdom, and trusting themselves. She is an active learner, and has done and is doing the work she asks her clients to do. She provided a  fresh perspective on the issues I was facing, and challenging questions that helped me solve those issues for myself. I feel empowered to be me. Having someone who actively listens is invaluable in my life. It made me feel supported, empowered, and ready to move forward with my life. Christina is incredibly skilled at offering judgment-free listening and poignant questions that guide me to find the wisdom that is already inside me.

Renee Easterwood

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Coaching Services


The Rebuilding Series

This series is specifically built for those who have deconstructed religion, relationships, and/or life, and are ready to rebuild their lives. 

If you are wanting to deeply live, and know yourself, your values, and your purpose, so you can walk confidently into the next chapter of your life, this series is for you.

Change can be really disorienting, and a lot to cope with. But there comes this point after where you raise your head and look around and ask the question:

“Now what?”

and Love, that is where things get really exciting.

There are old stories hanging around that have kept you doing things like playing small, saying yes when you want to say no, and keeping people in your life that you know are just draining you.

You are ready to walk into the freedom that you have gained for yourself after the work it took to leave religion. You are ready to LIVE in that freedom.

This is your time to really discover yourself, wildly, passionately.

To know yourself with deep confidence so you can walk into any room and trust your belonging. 

The choice is yours. Are you ready to rebuild? Are you ready to really know yourself and give your body all the love they have always longed for?

I would love to chat with you and answer any questions you have.

Coaching Consultation

Are you feeling stuck? Is there a particular situation you want to discuss with an objective and supportive person? Sometimes just sharing with someone who understands your background is incredibly helpful. This is a one hour video call session where I ask you questions and help you uncover your own innate wisdom. 


1 Hour One on One session with me via Zoom

Investment: $250

The people I have coached have:

  • Quit a day job to pursue a career in acting she is passionate about

  • Started a dating life she loves

  • Created a coaching program she put her heart and soul into

  • Pursued a career as a doctor

  • Pursued a career in social work

  • Opened her own business

Those I have coached experience Feeling:

  • Confidence to say no to what isn’t a full body yes.

  • Deeply in touch with their bodies.

  • Trust in their own worth.

  • Power to choose what they want in life.


What my Clients are saying


My series with Christina was the most wonderful experience. Over the course of 12 weeks, I grew, connected and learned so much about myself while achieving the goals that we had set. Christina held such a beautiful, safe space for me where I felt completely open and comfortable to share my most vulnerable feelings. She guided me with powerful questions and and gave me just the right amount of push to feel accountable to myself and my goals. This experience changed my life in the best way and I am so grateful I found her!

Jaymie Emerson

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered


What is coaching?

Life coaching is the process of supporting another person in setting and achieving goals for themselves in a way that empowers them to live more into their authentic self. This can look so different Coach to coach. For me, I love to create a space where you feel seen, supported, and empowered to choose what you want for your life and go after it. I believe every person has their own unique path and I like to meet people where they are at.

Are you a Therapist?

No, I am not qualified as a therapist, or to do trauma work. I have a resource page I am working on where I will recommend several therapists who are highly qualified and can support you with that.

Can I see you while also seeing a therapist?

Absolutely! I know that the road to recovering from religion is a tough one and support in many areas is sometimes needed.

Think you’re not worth it?

You are. If now is not the right time for you to take up coaching, I understand that, but please know you don’t have to be anything or anyone more than you are right now to truly benefit from putting yourself first. You are worthy.

What are your fees?

My Twelve week coaching series is $1500, with a payment plan available. A one session Coaching Consult with me is $250. I offer a free discovery call to anyone considering my coaching series.

Can’t afford it?

Please don’t put yourself under any financial strain to work with me. That said, I do think it is important to consider, how much is it costing you to continue without support? What could you gain from taking this step?

Do you still consider yourself a christian? Jesus follower?

No, I do not. If there needed to be a label I would fall somewhere between agnostic and natural Mystic. My thoughts and beliefs evolve with me, and I have found that I personally do not deeply resonate with the christian faith or person of Jesus anymore. If you do, and are wanting to explore beyond that or are examining that faith, I am more than happy to hold space for you. I trust everyone on their own journey deeply, and believe you know what is best for you.


When I first started coaching I was feeling really small. I felt overwhelmed with my role as a mother and disconnected from myself. I really wanted to feel more like myself and be okay with taking up space in the world. 

 Through coaching I was able to accept myself and however I was feeling—and that it was all valid.

The biggest change I’ve witnessed in myself is that I feel like me again!

I even decided to start my own business and it felt like a puzzle piece that I’ve been missing for so long. 

Christina is truly such a gift. I felt so safe speaking to her about very vulnerable things and she always helped me see that how I feel really matters. She held space for me and affirmed all of my concerns even when I doubted them myself. She is an incredible person and I’m so thankful that I got to work with her.

Julie Heide

My Coaching is probably for you if....

  • You are ready to lean into your relationship with your body and intuition.

  • You are tired of feeling resentment in relationships.

  • You want to move into a space of feeling confident in who you are now outside of religion.

  • You want to fully divest from the religious stories that have affected how you operate in the world.

  • You want to move into valuing yourself and trusting your worth as innate.

  • You are ready to write your own story and move from your internal compass.

  • You are ready to find your purpose.

My Coaching is not for you if...

  • You are wanting christian guidance, or support from the bible. I am not a christian anymore and I do not coach from that perspective.

  • You are seeking therapy. I am conscious of what I have to offer, and I believe it to be incredibly valuable. I also believe in working with integrity, and therapeutic support is outside my current capacity.


When we first connected, I was at odds with myself in a variety of ways. One of the biggest pain points for me was finding out what I wanted to do with my life. Knowing a little bit of Christina’s life journey and how similar it was to mine allowed me to feel comfortable enough to share my hopes and dreams. She made me feel safe enough so that I could share anything with her.
The biggest change that I witnessed in myself is that I am using my voice in ways that I never thought I could. I was always nervous and scared and kept a lot of my emotions inside. I felt that coaching allowed me to realize that was something I was doing and create the steps to help change that in my life. 
I'm more confident now, I speak out more. I advocate for myself and I take steps towards changing situations if they don’t feel right for me. I was able to take ownership of my actions and dreams and actively work towards them.
Christina is an incredible person. Her energy and her intuition really helped me make a difference in my life. I would recommend her to be anyone's coach.  With her wide range of life experiences, she is able to connect with her clients in a very unique way. She is a true gem- a diamond of the first water.

Samira Ali

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