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Six Reasons to Hire A Career Coach

And more specifically, Why you'd hire me!

1. You are seeking clarity

My coaching approach is designed to provide you with greater clarity in your career choices and help you set clear, achievable goals for your future. If you're feeling uncertain about your career path, or a decision that will affect your future career (grad students are often my clients for this reason), I can guide you towards a more well-defined and purposeful direction. Nothing propels you forward faster than clarity.

2. You don’t just want to get a new job or career, you want to grow in confidence in the process.

Your new step in your career can be a vulnerable process, and because of that it is a huge opportunity to grow and even heal. I support you to see yourself in a new way in this process, increasing your self worth and self confidence.

3. You want someone who sees beyond corporate possibilities into all you have to offer.

You are a unique person with your own interests and skills and joys. I believe all of this should be taken into account when considering career options. It's a huge part of our lives and you have unique skills and even energy that you bring to the things you do. I don't think any of this should be discounted.

4. You want to know how to tell which thoughts are yours and which are one’s you’ve been told to think.

Part of the process of figuring out what you want to do next - in my opinion - is untangling the dogma that we’ve taken in since day one. When we untangle ourselves from the patriarchal lenses we’ve been given we can begin to really know what matters to us, and that can give an unshakable sense of confidence in your choices.

5. You want support that lasts long after our sessions are over.

My clients regularly report using the tools and things they learned in our sessions YEARS later. - Read reviews Here.

6. You want someone who cares about the vision you have for the world.

Let’s be honest, with the world how it is, and has been for a while most of us want more than coping or surviving. We care deeply and want to be doing good with our lives and time. I take into account your vision for the world and the values you hold so you can find work that is deeply satisfying to you.

I could give you a much longer list, but if you've made it this far why don't we just chat?

Schedule a free consult here and let's see if we are a good fit.


Christina C.

Career Coach


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