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Why is it hard to believe in myself?

Hello friends, and welcome to September.

August has been a whirlwind of transition for me. Not in the hectic way, but when it comes to internal and life adjustments it’s felt like a lot. I got my daughter ready and sent off to kindergarten, which gave me a different feeling as a parent, like after these five years I feel like a mom now. Funny how that happens.

I have also been adjusting to a new schedule since Kindergarten is less hours than daycare was, which means I have to work at scheduling time for myself.

I’ve sat with some feelings of shame, and not enoughness that have come up for me in this season, and am really proud of myself for being with these feelings with compassion and kindness as best I could.

The more I am on this healing journey the more I see for myself and others that the work is in remembering that we are enough as we are instead of striving to change and grow from a fear that we are not good enough to have what we desire right now.

The healing is in allowing yourself to see the goodness in you so it can shine brighter in being witnessed by you and others.

It is vulnerable to be seen.

To be seen trusting ourselves

To be seen trying

To be seen messing up

To be seen shining

To be seen believing in what we have to offer the world.

From birth we are fed a message that we must do more, be more, achieve more, to have anything to offer.

But what if by your mere existence you offer goodness to those around you

and you don’t even know it?

What if what you offer the world feels so natural to you and has been dismissed for so long that you don’t even see it?

I am saying that you are needed. Your unique way of being in this world is of so much greater value than we have been led to believe.

Value that exists still

When you are seen

Trusting yourself

Messing up


Believing in yourself when others don’t.

You my love are a plant. haha

And maybe someday I’ll make a quiz about what kind of plant are you, but hear me out for now:

A plant's existence gives oxygen, literally the breath of life, just by being.

You, in spite of what you have been told, offer value by your mere existence.

Allow yourself to breathe for just a moment. People feel you when you walk into a room, your breath supports plants to grow. Your energy is healing to different frequencies.

One of my favorite thought treats is this: life is utterly meaningless and so deeply meaningful simultaneously.

You get to make the meaning. In that very realization you have the power. Choose how you see yourself today: a living being made with the weight of the universe and stardust.

If you want someone to hold you in your goodness, to support you to see this for yourself, schedule a chat with me. You are more than worthy to be seen.




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