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Resources For Deconstruction

Below is a growing list or resources I have compiled for you all. These are all accounts/books/podcasts/coaches/therapists that have meant a lot to me. I hope that you are all able to find something that helps you.

I had a hard time finding resources when I was deconstructing so I hope having this much in one place helps you all.

For working through the fear of hell:

Rob Bell’s Book: Love Wins

The Life After Podcast episode “What the Hell” with Chuck Parson

For beginning questioning without pressure:

The Robcast Podcast with Rob Bell

For coping with and processing leaving:

Leaving the Fold by Dr. Marlene Winell - This book is filled with stories, insights, worksheets, and exercises to help you process what you have gone through in leaving. It is the most insightful book I have found to date on this topic. I cannot recommend it enough.

The Five levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz - This book discusses our attachment to beliefs and ideas and what the effects of that are. I found this very relevant because Evangelicalism is the height of attachment to belief, even if it causes damage. I found it healing to read this perspective as it helped me confront my own attachment to beliefs as rigid and helped me trust myself in the process of life instead of the belief.

The Podcast “Something Was Wrong” with Tiffany Reese - She interviews people who have lived through religious and spiritual abuse in varying situations.

The Life After Podcast - This podcast is about everything after leaving evangelical Christianity. During my deconstruction it took me awhile to be ready to listen to it because it addresses issues very directly and is not from any type of Christian perspective. It is an incredible resource and I’d highly recommend it if you’re deep into your journey. If you are just starting out I would recommend the Liturgists podcast.

Other people’s deconstruction stories:

My Podcast, Religious Renegade, I interview people on their deconstruction stories.

The Podcast Ear Biscuits, Episode 226 (very intellectual approach), and 227. Rhett, and Link’s Deconstruction stories.

The Podcast Something was Wrong has many deconstruction stories.

The Book - You are Your Own, by Jaime Lee Finch

The Book - Sin Bravely, by Maggie Rowe

For Deconstructing conversations and Lives on Instagram from People of Color:

Deconstructingblack - These Live conversations cover many topics including church/religious Trauma, race and deconstruction, and are very insightful.

Practical Psychology for self healing:

The Podcast - Being Well with Dr. Rick Hanson, and Forrest Hanson

The Book - Doing the Work, by Dr. Nicole Lepera

Therapy Resources:

Brandie Sellers-

The Secular Therapy Project

Coaches who work with people through Deconstruction:


I Specifically love working with women and non binary folk who have left religion, and are looking to move into a new way of relating to themselves and the world. You can learn more on my services page HERE.

Madison Morrigan!

I personally have been coached by Madison, and she works with a lot of women who have left religion. You can read more about her Services HERE.

If you are curious about my coaching services please contact me, or schedule a free discovery call. I would love to hear form you.

With Love,

Christina C,

Life Coach

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