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Exploring Transition

I am Willing…

If I were willing what would I do...

What could be possible if…

Transitions are such a delicate process. We have to be lovingly conscious with ourselves when we start to deconstruct things that have held us together for a long time.

Self Compassion and Self Trust are key to this. Not only because they will help you through this process, but because if you practice them in your deconstruction you will have some very helpful skills to keep with you.

What I mean is this: Sometimes we need to explore an idea from a safe vantage point before we really take the leap.

We do this in multiple ways. We could observe a friend we love living how we are considering living. We could start to imagine what it would be like if we “could” do something. We can slowly start to explore the possibility of what it would look like for us If we Did move In that direction.

This is a playful stage. A stage within which we get to try something on without the stories and shame and fear that can pop up in making a real move. Towards. Something.

If you are in a space where you are feeling the pull towards something. That deep knowing in you that will not fully leave you alone. The thought your body wants you to lean into, and your mind keeps deflecting because of fear, try this.

Step out of you for a moment and play the imagination game.

What if my life was like _____.

What if it were this way? If this were true, what would that mean?

What could be possible If I am already who I need to be?

If I am already good enough?




What if I could have the life I long for? What would that look like? Allow yourself to play, to imagine and take deep breaths. Let the possibility of something wash over you. No pressure to act. Just play.

What could be possible for you if you let yourself play?

I am open for 1:1 Coaching! Contact me to set up some time to chat about what could be possible for you.

With Love,

Christina C,

Life Coach

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