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You'll Know When It's Time

I just had a conversation I’ve been avoiding for five years.

Not avoiding in a bad way either.

Just loving myself by knowing I was not ready for it.

But today I felt ready and I knew it was time. I felt my feet on the earth and talking with my parents.

About who I am now. About what I believe spiritually, about my sexuality.

I came out to my parents in every sense of the word.

I am still focusing on re regulating myself after this conversation, but I feel a profound sense of love for myself in this moment. That I was able to stay in my body during this conversation, that I was able to say I wasn’t ready until now.

That I DID NOT play small in this conversation.

I did not placate or make light of anything. I felt my inner mother deeply present in this conversation.

Let me tell you: only you can know right timing for yourself. And believe me, you can trust yourself with this.

Much love to every one of us who are forging our own path in life.

The change makers, the tradition breakers, those of us brave enough to move towards a more expansive way of being even when those around us don’t see that value.

You are the value. Your existence is the value. You are everything you need and do dammit you are GOOD.

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So much Love to you!

Christina C.

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