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Christina Carlson
Life Coa


Self-Relationship Coaching for those untangling themselves from
religion and patriarchy


Welcome in Love

I'm Christina,

 a multiple Certified Self-Relationship Coach, Speaker and Podcast Host.

My work is to support you through 1:1 coaching to untangle yourself from religion and patriarchy so you can get back into a right and loving relationship with yourself.

Here all parts of you are welcome, seen and celebrated.

Your Relationship to Yourself is the longest relationship you’ll ever have,

And yet so many of us live in constant conflict with ourselves, 
Beating ourselves up when we make mistakes,
Living by the rules of a society that wasn’t built for us. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s possible to heal your relationship with yourself so that you can have your back, be a safe space for yourself, and your own biggest advocate. 

I know you,

you care deeply about others,

you give a lot to those you love and were probably taught that love = sacrifice, but that model is not sustainable.

You deserve to be your own advocate, to believe in yourself, to believe your experience, to trust yourself and believe deeply that you matter. 

How you relate to you is foundation for every other relationship in our lives, whether that’s work, family, friends, nature, things.

Here I support you to redefine how you relate to yourself so you can live a vibrant life where you are able to move with greater confidence, trust yourself, and value yourself is a powerful way. 

There is no reason to delay, this work will change every area of your life.


and let me tell you,


You Matter. Deeply 


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What would be possible if you were able to advocate for yourself as fiercely as you advocate for others?

What would it look like if you were your own safe place to land? 

No longer at war with yourself?

Introducing You Matter Coaching

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1:1 Coaching Series

Combining my skills as a Life Coach and Energy coach we walk together to free you to trust yourself, to regrow and heal your relationship to you, so you can trust at your core that you matter.

We redefine what it means to relate to ourselves, from a place where you you and your body matter deeply. 

You'll get none of that "ideal self" talk from me. My work is to support you to accept and be with what is right now, to know that it's not some future version of you that get's to have what you desire. You're good enough now, as you are.

- You will learn to trust yourself, your intuition, and to care deeply for yourself.

- You will relate to yourself in a more whole and beautiful way, treating yourself with kindness and respect. 

This work will impact every area of your life.

Start now and begin to honor the depth of your mattering. 

Slice of Grapefruit



 "I am using my voice in ways that I never thought I could. I was always nervous and scared and kept a lot of my emotions inside. I felt that coaching allowed me to realize that was something I was doing and create the steps to help change that in my life. 
I'm more confident now, I speak out more. I advocate for myself and I take steps towards changing situations if they don’t feel right for me. I was able to take ownership of my actions and dreams and actively work towards them."

- Samira Ali

Samira Ali


"Throughout our coaching series together I gained self-awareness and confidence which moved my romantic life into a space of trusting in myself and this affected my acting career as well! I quit the job I hated and am pursuing what I love. I realized only I know what I need, and I trust myself to know what that is."

- Chrissie Watkins, Actor


" I recognized the need for alone time, personal space, and rest. I have taken more naps, bubble baths, exercised, and spent more time doing what I like in the past few months than I have in years. 

I have set boundaries with people and it has caused large conflicts that would have made me so upset that I gave up historically, but I've been riding the feelings waves and moving through them to process them, plus recognizing that sometimes they will pop up out of nowhere and that's indicating my need to stop and listen.

I’ve opened up with my partner and friends and have found more support there than I thought was possible. "

- Emily McKee, Social worker

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I feel more free. I no longer approach my business and life from a space of trying to force things. Instead I now am able to reground myself and recenter my energy back into a place of feeling excited, and fully trusting my journey as it unfolds. I've learned what it feels like to let go of the things I cannot control and to trust that I am right where I need to be.

- Sam Block, Business Coach


"Through our work together I gained a sense of self acceptance/love, and developed a  practice of observing my thoughts in a non-judge mental way. I’m accepting my emotions more. I’m trying to not  beat myself up for not being the “perfect” anything to anyone. I’m aware of my body more, getting in tune with my feelings, being present in daily life. 

I’m so thankful for my experience with Christina! I felt so supported by them through our sessions, and the practices I’ve learned will be implemented for a life time. "

- Valree Hoge

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