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I am a Certified Life and Energy Coach, Speaker, and the Host of the podcast Bitches, Witches and Queers, sharing insight from the edges of life.

​​Ever feel that pull towards something you can't name? Like you are leaning forward, body singing, more please of whatever that is...?


But you feel scared of what could happen, what the consequences could be to you really being all of you, leaning all the way forward. 

​It's unknown, and that's okay.


I live here, at the edge, sitting with you, celebrating every jump you take, honoring every wobble that means you are becoming.

​It is my deepest held belief that it is a sacred and holy practice to be who you are. 

​Join me if you feel that leaned in feeling, that fear, but curiosity about the unknown. 

​You contain multitudes, my love,


all of you is welcome. 

My work is to sit with you on the edge and support you when you are ready to jump into more of who you are, more of what you are longing for. 

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Combining my skills as a Life Coach and Energy coach we walk together to free you to trust your own process and way of existing. 

You will learn to validate your own way of existing outside of what is expected of you by society and religion.


I am someone who has always existed outside of societies norms and expectations and what I offer my clients is the freedom to do the same: to operate in their own way how it works best for them and to do so with full confidence and freedom from shame.

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Been burned before? Try a Be Bold Mini!

Single Session

 A one hour in-depth level of support to trusting yourself on a new level, giving you deeper permission to be who you are. This is ideal if you are wanting to gain clarity in a decision or circumstance and need someone to see your magic fully and mirror your own wisdom back to you. 

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Are you tired? Tired of fighting? 

Have you spent so much of your life trying to find a structure outside of you that would fit the nuance of who you are? 

Have you moved from adopting one way of thinking to another hoping that this one will work for you?

Have you continually uncovered that systems around you don’t fit who you are? Aren’t built for you? And you blame yourself?


Oh Love, it’s not you.


The systems in our world are not set up to honor humanity and you are deeply feeling, sensitive human who has needs. 


What if these things don’t fit you because they were never meant to? What if the world (Your world, and the greater world) actually need the nuanced fringe needy human that you actually are? With your own way of doing and seeing things?


Your way of existing is sacred and holy. 


Come sit with me at the edge and learn to trust your own magic. Sit with me and be seen for the amazing magic being that you are. Allow your ow heart to sing.

Walk away with a deep sense of confidence and trust in your own unique way of doing things. 

Gain clarity on how to get in touch with your own self after years of other systems being pushed on you. 

Let go of those old stories and ideas that said you needed to be anyone different than exactly who you are the be worthy and good.

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"My experience with Christina was Thoughtful, eye opening and cleansing. 
When we first started working together I was at a job I hated. I was feeling out of alignment with myself, my career, and my romantic life.
Throughout our coaching series together I gained self-awareness and confidence which moved my romantic life into a space of trusting in myself and this affected my acting career as well! I quit the job I hated and am pursuing what I love. I realized only I know what I need, and I trust myself to know what that is."

Chrissie Watkins



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Photo Credit James Ramos Photography

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