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Not-Aligned Self

As a Transformational Lover it can be easy to give all of your best love, ideas and energy away to others. You naturally have higher energy for tasks that you are passionate about and that can get away from you when you look back at your week and realize there was no time spent on your own joy and care. 
Your mind is also brilliant, so you may find that you are almost “too self aware for your own good.” meaning that it’s easy for you with your vast knowledge of how people are and operate and what they need, for you to intellectualize your way around your own experience instead of being in and feeling them. 
This can cause you to feel disconnected from your own wants and desires and maybe like there is not room for you in your own life.

Aligned Self

When you are aligned, dear Transformational Lover, you embody the energetic frequency of your name. Your love transforms those around you in powerful ways. 
Your love is an active thing, 

creating innovative change in people’s lives and systems. You are able to open your heart to both your own experiences and the experiences of others because you are ready to break the rules and make them fit the people (including you)

Moving Forward

You can make sense of everything Lovely, your brain is absolutely brilliant. 
You want to figure things out, and when it comes to something that’s really caught your attention, no one is a better researcher than you. 
You will figure this out and make sense of it in your own way. 
And and and, 
do make time to drop into your bodily experience and your feelings about something. 
Some things don’t have answers 
that can be solved through outside research, 
they have to be experienced. 
You have to jump in and get messy and figure it out as you go. 
Make time, each day, to ask yourself how you feel, what you need, what you want, and listen to your body for each answer. 
Do a body scan, 
develop a sensual practice or 
daily ritual. 

Your body holds incredible wisdom for your research too, babes.

Transformational Lover,
May you surround yourself with people who value and delight in you, 
who join your beautiful vision for world building. 
May your disco ball light of a self always shine bright and reflect your magic.


Disco Ball and Glitters

As The Transformational Lover you are vibrant and attentive,

attuned to those you love

and ready and willing

to move mountains for your community.

Your passion burns fiery and bright, illuminating any room you step into.


You love deeply and break the rules with a twinkle in your eye. 


You have a vision for a more just world and


at your best you are full on going after it in a way that feels powerful and lifegiving to you. 


You are a disco ball of light filled energy.

Transformational Lover

Paint Party-42.JPG


It’s so nice to meet you!

My name is Christina Carlson.


I am a Life and Energy Coach, Speaker,

and the Host of the Podcast Bitches, Witches, and Queers. 


I’m bold, queer, and a big fan of humans.


I absolutely adore sitting in space with people

who are getting to know themselves,

contemplating big change,

or little change that has big ramifications. 


Essentially through 1:1 coaching,

I like to sit on the edge with you.


Maybe there’s a fire there and we sit side by side

staring out into the open space of what could be. 


In my own life there have been many edges,

and times where I needed to lean in

and feel my feelings

so I could jump to what is just beyond that edge

and god dammit it’s hard sometimes.


Each time I follow this feeling,

that’s like my whole body is singing,

pulling me forward,

and then I say F*ck it, and jump.


I love helping you feel what you need to feel

so you can jump into what you are really longing for,

what is on the other side.


We are often afraid of what we don’t know,

scared to move because of what might be.

I hold you in that space,

helping you grow your wings <3

Thought Treats


Bitches, Witches and Queers

For more on what it means to be a rule breaker in the world we live in check out this episode on my podcast Bitches, Witches, and Queers where I interview powerful thought leaders on life, spirituality.

If you like raw, honest, and supportive content, You'll Love it.

Looking at the Flowers

Trusting Yourself

Check out this post where I talk about coming back to yourself and trusting

yourself: which increases your capacity to live your poetic magic ;)

🙌Check it out Here



Join me on Instagram! From ways to find your intuition, to tips on boundaries

and new perspectives on your healing journey,

I’ve got you covered!

Check out this Reel on trusting your worth.

What's Next?

Transformational Lover,
You hold within you the power to change worlds with your love. The way you see and solve problems is potent and unmatched. 
It can be easy to mistake your gifts being used as you being valued.
And to lose track of yourself and your needs in the giving process. 
In my 1:1 coaching work I specialize in supporting beautiful and brave disco ball rule breakers just like you create lives where they feel valued and are supported in their initiatives instead of resisted. A world where they get to be a priority for their love and change as well.
Click Below and let’s connect!

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