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You Can Be All The Things

I feel an incredible need to marinate in this truth, and share it with everyone:

Unshakable self worth comes from a deep trust that you can be all things.

You can be weak, and strong.
You can be soft and fierce.
You can be cold and cuddly.

and none of that diminishes your innate value and worth. They are facents of the human experience. You are all. You are Human.

One thing that christianity did was label us by mistakes, or feelings.

If you felt bitterness, you were bitter, and bitterness was a sin. If you felt anxious, you were an anxious person and anxiousness meant you weren't trusting god, which was a sin. What I propose is a shift. A shift towards looking at our humanity as an experience. Our thoughts and feelings are things that move through us. They are not us. You can be all the things because not all of the things are you. You just experience them.

What a breath of fresh air right?

You can take a deep breath here if you want to.

I just did.

What if just being human wasn't a sin? What would happen if you allowed yourself to move through the thoughts and feelings of being human?

With Love,

Christina C. Life Coach

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