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Are You Confused?

I used to be confused constantly.

I felt so much inner tension and uncertainty. Like if I do this, then this, this, this and this could happen, and I don’t know if_____ is _____.

I was operating from a place of external guidance and perfectionism.

I was taught not to trust myself with decisions, that I was not to be trusted and that if I was to be a “good girl” I needed to believe that I was bad on my own.

It was mad chaos in my mind y'all.

There was no rest for my sweet self just trying to not get condemned, cause harm, make the “wrong choice.” It inhibited me in so many ways.

When I began to move away from religion and realize that maybe there was at least a part of me that was good (I dared to hope) I started to gain some peace, but I had no Idea how to make decisions then either, because the method of shame I had used to guide me truly felt awful and I did not know how to trust myself.

Self worth

Self Trust

Self kindness.

I had spent the first 27 years of my life “dying to myself,” avoiding myself, naming myself as bad.

My own self felt honestly foreign to me.

I began this slow journey of getting in touch with them, the things they liked and didn’t like. The way she responded to certain things.

I played with ideas and beliefs. “What if it was safe to trust myself with some things?” “what if there is no wrong choice here?” and with the support of an incredible therapist and coach, my worth began to grow.

I have started living within myself instead of avoiding them. I have started to trust her instead of calling her untrustworthy.

There has been a lot of change that has taken place through this process, but something it took me awhile to notice (and has been one of the most profound shifts) has been the lack of confusion I feel.

I don’t think I was ever confused about what I wanted or who I was. I think I had buried it all because I was afraid of being known, afraid of owning who I am. It wasn’t safe for me to do so.

Owning what we know is the process, and it can feel really scary, and also incredibly liberating, and sometimes even effortless.

This journey of owning your full self, uncovering your worth, your inner knowing, your trust is what I do as a coach. No matter what your goals are, this is part of the process.

Owning your own freedom.

Are you ready to join me? Are you ready to uncover your worth that has been waiting for you to see and celebrate them?

I have 1:1 Coaching spots available right now for you to be seen, held, and supported in this process.

You are worthy of investing in.

Show yourself by making this step, and we will walk this journey together.

Click the link below to schedule a free chat with me, you know I would be thrilled to meet you, whatever you decide <3

So much love to you,

Cristina C

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