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My Coaching Story

Present. Compassionate. Supportive.

I don’t think I took a full breath until I turned 26.


Being raised in evangelical Christianity felt like being squeezed and pressed into a very small space, so cramped you can’t breath, and then being required to pretend like it’s easy and light, and keeping a smile on my face.


It took awhile after I had let the idea of hell go to realize that I could breathe. And I started breathing deeper and deeper. Breathing in the free air, breathing without restriction. Filling my lungs with air, my chest, all the way down to my toes. I started to feel my toes.


I feel like I’ve just kept expanding, and I’m not done yet. It’s like a beautiful relief to melt and grow.


About seven years ago I started to realize that what I wanted from life was much bigger than the space I was living within. I wanted to love deeply and accept all people, including myself, and the religious upbringing I had, left no room for acceptance. I was so incredibly tired. I was tired of believing I was broken and bad. I was tired of working desperately hard to change and getting nowhere. 

I was raised a strict Evangelical Christian, spending most of my childhood in Southern Baptist churches, and a Nazarene High School. I was homeschooled prior. In grades K-12 I memorized over a third of the bible, word for word, in a program called AWANA.

I went on to get my Bachelors in Theology at a bible college and then spent time working for them.

Slowly, and with a lot of mistakes and exciting discoveries, I began to move away from beliefs that had kept me quiet and cooperative. I began to listen to my body, and hear the wisdom there.

I was terrified. Terrified to consider that what I had given my entire life, and every waking moment to, might not be true. There might be other valid ways of viewing the world. 

Through this process I found that I was incredibly good at holding space for the in-between. Holding space for the undecided, and the not knowing. I became truly comfortable sitting with uncertainty. For myself, and for others. This led me to coaching.

I am incredibly passionate about holding space for women, and non-binary folk, who are ready to learn to trust themselves deeply, and to lean on their own intuition and inner wisdom. I love helping those who are ready to rebuild their lives after deconstruction and are ready to discover their own values, create boundaries, and build the lives of purpose they dream of.

I love incorporating Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and other spiritual practices that are not religious into my coaching, writing, and life. 

It is my belief that through healing our relationships to ourselves, and our bodies, we can heal our relationships, our communities and our world. Helping you connect with yourself is a deep passion of mine because I believe all healing starts there.

I graduated from Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy in Australia and am currently accepting one on one clients.